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Pregnant lady despirate for pizza without dairy!

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I get very nauseated and very bad reflux when I eat any dairy products. I use to be able to take heartburn medication but since I am pregnant I do not want to take the risk.


I miss pizza:(!! Does anyone have any good recipes/tips for nondairy pizza? I have tried some of those soy cheeses in the past but I have not found any that work well and some have casein still gives me heartburn.


I would appreciate any suggestions or recipes!




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We haven't used cheese on our pizzas for years, and don't even miss it!

We love a good pesto (search the boards, I posted a dairy-free recipe this week) or a flavorful tomato sauce on the dough, and then the usual- pepparoni, sausage, shrooms, olives, etc, along with the unusual- roasted veggies (zuchinni, eggplant, onions, peppers, etc), hot pepperocini, sunflower seeds, pinenuts, etc.


Just go for it, and enjoy.

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I couldn't have dairy when I was nursing my middle child. I was pleasantly surprised at how good regular pizza was without the cheese. I always got kind of funny looks when I ordered it without any, but it tasted just fine and I never even missed it.


Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have any ideas for you, though. Sorry!

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It has no cheese, and it's quite good. The sauce is a little different, It's kind of vinergar-y instead of tomato-y.


You can google for a pic if you haven't seen one. I tried to copy a link, but it didn't work.:(





Yes! My dd eats these often- I bought a couple for her tonight as a matter of fact.

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Papa John's pizza crust is dairy free as is the sauce. They have an option on online ordering for no cheese on the pizza. I like ham and pineapple well done.

Oh cool! I didn't know I could order online, but I have asked (and given them a couple of hours to accomodate) at our local place, and they do it no problem.

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