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another birth pool question: La Bassine or Birth Pool in a Box Mini

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The mini birth pool in a box or the La Bassine are the two we are down to. The La Bassine has two interior handles, for grabbing if you are semi sitting. The BPIAB mini has 6 handles on the outside, for grabbing when leaning over the side, or for when getting in and out. The BPIAB mini has a seat. They are about the same size. The BPIAB has a 2 inch floor, the La Bassine has a 3 inch floor.


They hold about the same amount of water.


Any thoughts?

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I used the La Bassine with my last birth and it was great for me. I didn't choose it; it was just what my midwife had and rented to me. I just set up the Birth Pool in a Box Eco Pro in my room today for my upcoming birth. Apparently this pool is bigger than the La Bassine (or the BPIAB mini). I can't really tell by looking, although it has, of course, been quite a while (almost two years) since I saw the La Bassine. I thought there was plenty of room to move around in the La Bassine. I just looked up the BPIAB mini and the one I saw online did not have a seat. The one I have does have the seat, but it is the bigger Eco model. I've never had a birth pool with a seat before, so I have no idea how helpful that feature will be. The BPIAB I have also has a cup holder in the side, but I don't see that in either BPIAB model that I saw online. The La Bassine has clear sides with opaque internal divider pieces; the BPIAB has completely opaque sides. The La Bassine's walls are made of one air chamber, with the floor of the La Bassine being a separate chamber. The BPIAB has three air chambers comprising its walls, plus another for the floor (and one for the seat, if your pool has that). Apparently this is better because if there is a puncture less water will spill out since only one third of the wall height will be lost, rather than the whole thing deflating on you.


I think either is a good choice. I think my midwife prefers the BPIAB, since that is what she purchased this time, but I was perfectly happy with the La Bassine last time. Ask me in a couple weeks; I hope to have more info about the BPIAB in action by then.

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