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Life of Fred Beginning Algebra to supplement Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

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Not exactly, so take what you like and leave the rest.


We used LoF Beginning Algebra to supplement MUS Algebra 1 in 7th grade. You may read my review in this thread.


I will say that (provided it fits a student's learning style) that LoF+MUS is a good combination because MUS can lay the foundation and LoF can provide the challenge that is missing in MUS.



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So, is it best to use Life of Fred as a follow-up to TT or MUS Algebra (after completing the curriculum) or should LOF be used in conjunction with a more traditional Algebra program? What's the consensus...?

IMO, LoF can be a stand-alone, challening program for students who have a learning style that fits LoF's teaching style. It can also be used to provide extra challenge for students using less challenging programs (ex. MUS) that fit the student's learning style better. MUS fit ds's learning style better than LoF.


I think if you use a more traditional Algebra program (one that covers the typical topics unlike MUS), LoF would be redundant. Do you have a particular traditional program in mind?

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