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Fun skits for smaller kids?

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The cutest skit I saw was with a bunch of Tiger Cub Scouts (age 6-7)


Boy1 would walk out, look around, and then pretend like he was sitting.

Boy2 would come and ask Boy1 what he was doing, and Boy1 would reply "sitting on a log" so Boy2 would ask if he could join Boy1, Boy1 says "yes" or nods, then Boy2 pretends to sit next to Boy1 on this pretend log.


Then Boy3 shows up and asks Boy1 & 2 what they are doing, to which they reply, "sitting on a log", so Boy3 asks if he can join them, they say yes and Boy3 pretends to sit...it goes on and on until the last boy.


The last boy walks out and asks all the other boys what they are doing, to which they reply "sitting on a log" and then the last boy pretends to kick the log out from under the sitting boys, and all the sitting boys pretend like they fall.


I don't know why, but every time I've seen this skit, it makes me laugh. The kids really enjoy doing it too. I was a Scout leader and we let each boy take turns being the last boy because they all had so much fun doing it.



Or maybe you could teach the little ones a song. Here is a good one:

My daughter could kind of do a verse at around 2ish before getting bored. Edited by jadedone80
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