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Philosophical Question for Scrapbookers...

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Apart from family albums, I've made a "baby book" for ea of my 1st 2 dc. It has basic info like ht, wt, day & time of birth, why we named you what we named you, & basic milestones.


I haven't started one for #3 yet, & #4 is due 8/8/08. I can make it a goal to create a book for #3 before #4 comes, OR I could create #3 & #4 alongside ea other. You know, kind-of streamline the process.


My question is this. If I choose option B, will I get milestones, etc. mixed up?

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I agree with Rhonda in TX...keeping a calendar is very helpful. Purchase a cheapo from an office supply store and keep it handy. Take it to doctor's appts., too, so you can write it all down there. This will relieve the stress of remembering all the details, which I find impossible (and I only have two)!


If you have time and can make the skeleton of the baby books so all you have to do is fill in important info and misc photos, I'd give that a try; however, you're pregnant with kids already so if it's too much, give keeping a simple calendar a try!


Good luck, and congrats!


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I don't think I would try to do #3 before #4 is born. However, if you keep a first-year calendar, you won't get them mixed up. I wouldn't try to do it strictly from memory.


Well. That would have been a great idea. Why didn't I ask this a year ago??


I don't keep a first yr calendar, & the baby book only covers the first yr. I can't remember anything right now. We've had a crazy yr w/ a huge move, life change, & back-to-back pg's. Since posting, I've been thinking maybe if I just listed her "firsts"...but I can't remember.


Oy! I may have to make them up, just to fill a book. :crying: Bad, bad mama. <sigh> Maybe dh remembers something. :001_huh:

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