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  1. Thanks to you all for your responses. Our ds is actually a junior (barely) right now. He is finishing his third semester at this university. He stayed home and went to our CC his first year after high school and transferred credits to his current university. His first semester away was a disaster; he retook two classes his second semester. Time Mgmt and test-taking are his real issues. He has never been good at taking tests. We have been very supportive of our ds, and yes, we have asked many times, "How can we help you?" We're not doing this out of anger or as a punishment, and he knows this; we know he's trying. We're just trying to find the best solution for him. My dh found an online academic consultant for our son this semester, who is helping him with his time mgmt and test-taking struggles (we were trying to remove ourselves from the situation (no micromanaging) by having a third person help him). This has been a very difficult decision for us as we don't want to bring him home, we just want what's best for his future. And yes, I totally get it that he needs to get through his struggles and persevere on his own, but at what point do we as parents stop helping? Ugh... Thanks again, all.
  2. Let me be clear...he's not failing, he's not partying, he's not gaming, his college has not kicked him out and he's not on academic probation. He is attending all classes and is turning in all assignments. His time management skills are poor; he thinks he's allowed himself enough time to study for a test or to complete a project, he thinks he's studied enough for a test, he thinks he understands a concept well, etc. He attends study groups when available, he visits professors during office hours to get add'l help with concepts, he has an academic consultant (that he's paying for) that he talks with once a week, etc. Our son enjoys being at school and the freedom it affords. However, he has always struggled to make and keep friends and it isn't any different at college. He's not as involved in a social way as he'd like and as we'd like for him. No sugar-coating: his grades are bad (a B, two Cs, and a fail). This is typical; his GPA after 3 semesters is a mid 2.ish (I'm not sure what it is exactly). My husband is concerned that keeping him at college is hurting him more than it is helping him (low GPA...losing prospective job opportunities in the future) and that it is costing us a lot of money to keep him there to do mediocre or worse. He wants to bring our son home (he's two hours away at college right now) and have him live at home and commute to a local university to finish his college degree. Honestly, I'm torn. I continue to question whether he's in the right major (computer science...he's good with this but I don't believe it's his passion) and whether this is something he needs to learn how to do on his own (college away from home). My fear is we remove him from college when he really needed to stay put and persevere. I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this with their college student. Thank you!
  3. Thank you, 3andme, I appreciate this information very much!
  4. This comes with a beige cover and is 419 pages long, but I can't look inside it (of course) on Amazon so I don't know what it includes. Is anyone familiar with this and can give me some insight? I have Ways of the World 2nd ed. I've been working through Our Human Story but without an instructor's manual, I'm spending a lot of time preparing. My husband thinks I should move on and find a text that has supplemental materials since I'm spending so much time on this one subject. He has found a text with the supplemental materials on Amazon and is ready to pull the trigger, but I have two very good books in hand and can't fathom spending more money on more texts! If anyone knows of this resource manual, please let me know what it includes. If this has what we need, I can at least order that and use a text we already own! Thanks so much.
  5. We own HO volumes 1 and 2 with the accompanying Student Pages and Teacher Guides. Our ds is entering 9th grade and will be doing World History. I bought Our Human Story because I've read that it's more of a high school level text than the HOs are (except for volume 3, which I don't own), but it doesn't come with an instructor manual. So I've been spending A LOT of time preparing (reading it, outlining it, answering the few Key Questions it contains, etc.), then as I was reading in this forum one day, someone mentioned that OHS is almost identical to HO, only at a high school level. So I had an aha moment... Can I convert the HO Student Pages to correlate to OHS (with some of add'l input from me)? Has anyone ever tried/done this, and if so (and before I spend more time on this), is it doable? Thanks!
  6. Ok, so I have found several copies on eBay, so I can purchase K12's Human Story text easily it would seem. So here's my next question: For many of these texts, there doesn't seem to be instructor's manuals, test books, answer keys, etc. Do you read the text with your student and write out tests or comp questions? If not, what is done besides the reading/discussions? Again, thank you for any insight you can give! Pam
  7. All good to know...thanks! I didn't know there was a 3rd volume for HO, although I suspected it since the 2nd volume ends at 1914. I'm trying to purchase K12's Our Human Story but I can't figure out how to purchase the books and not the entire course. Does anyone have any insight into buying the materials and not enrolling in the course? I would very much appreciate any help with this! Since I already own Ways of the World (and if getting K12's text isn't possible), is there an instructor manual for Ways of the World? If there is and someone reading this owns it, may I buy it from you? Again, thanks for any help you can give me...I've been at this for a while now and time is ticking away! lol Pam
  8. Hi everyone, I'm going crossed eyed trying to research world history spines online for my 9th grader this year. I have a couple books already, but I'm trying to figure out if what I have will hit the mark. These are the books I have: The Human Odyssey (K12), volumes 1 and 2 (with the student pages and teacher guides), and, Ways of the World (Strayer), 2nd edition (textbook only...will need to find teacher's guide, if available). I need a solid text and accompanying teacher's guide with answers to questions, and tests, if available. (I can make the tests myself, if needed.) The problem I'm having with the HO (K12) is it ends at 1914! For those of you who use this, what do you use as an extender of sorts, to finish? I have Glencoe World History (Spielvogel) in my Amazon cart right now and while it's not very expensive, I feel like I should use one of the two other books I already own. Is getting Spielvogel's World History worth it? Thank you in advance for any insight or suggestions you have! I need to make a decision...I'm running out of time. Pam K
  9. Does anyone know of a vitamin that doesn't have a lot of unnatural ingredients in it and is suitable for teens? My 19 year old, of course, can take an adult vitamin but my 13 year old needs one for a teen, if one exists. I'd love to find one that is chewable but that's not absolutely necessary. The adult ones just look so big! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm currently teaching an American Gov't class at my co-op. I would like to gift each student, at the end of the semester, a book they can read for enjoyment on this topic. Does anyone have a suggestion for a fun book, perhaps one containing interesting facts about our gov't or fascinating things that have happened in our gov't over the years? Thanks so much, Pam
  11. Wow, I wish I'd had something like this for last year. Good thing I have my younger ds to use this. Thank you!

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    I'm looking for Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. I don't care if it's paperback or hardcover but I'd like to pay $5 or less, if possible. If you have it and would like to sell it, please lmk what your price is. Thanks so much, Pam



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    I'm selling the hardcover textbook, in excellent condition, for $15. All accompanying materials (study guides, lab manual, annotated teacher's book, etc.) can be found at Amazon. Email me at, if you're interested.


  14. I just had to bump this back up so others could read it. Nan's post is so touching and really made me sit back and think about how I interact with my ds who is 13. Just because he's taller than his dad and wears size 11 shoes doesn't mean he is an adult. He's just trying really hard to figure it all out and I need to remember that. So I put this back at the top so hopefully more people will get a chance to read a timely and moving post. :) Thanks again, Nan!
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