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Math Recommendation Needed


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I need, want, desire a math recommendation that will be the end of all my frustrations with my ds (ha ha). He is definitely a VSL learner. He's entering 4th - and he's more on the "better late" maturity level. This year we've used a mish-mash of Singapore Primary 1B, Life of Fred Elementary (5 books thus far) and he started TT Math 4 in the Spring and rolls right along and he used the Dreambox learning every day, too.


I have found with him that he doesn't need a lot of repetition - once it is mastered he needs to move on and he can remember the skills way later down the road without review. (Typical VSL) I just don't enjoy being all over the place with him.


Last week we had to do the CAT-E test (for the state - I don't hold a lot of value in these tests as I know what his strengths and weaknesses are throughout the year) and we haven't really covered multiplication or division and there were about 8 questions and he panicked but I just explained that multiplication was repeated addition using the sample of 2 x 2 (that you are adding 2 2 times). Well, he looked at the following problems and choose all the correct answers - including 6 x 8 and and there was a problem where you had to times something by 100 - he just knew the answers. I don't know how he did that. Same thing happened with division!


So here I am trying to figure out how to help grow those skills, without losing a foundation in his math, keep him challenged and growing.


I thought about RightStart but when I work through the placement questions, it says level C? I will continue with the Fred books because they are quick and easy to do each day. I know Singapore is great for VSLs but I have hard time teaching it because I need some type of guidance, lesson plan (love the BJU TMs for example). I prefer to teach it rather than it be an independent subject that he learns on his own. TT has been fine and we could stick with that but just wondering if I'm missing something here?

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DS7, who struggles terribly with math at times, has been doing RightStart C this year, but we've also supplemented with Singapore 2a/b for extra practice. DS7 enjoys RightStart C, mainly I think because of my involvement. He adores playing the games. I gather from advice here that the important thing is to find what works best and then to stick to it for as long as possible, as jumping around too much can lead to gaps in knowledge.


Best of luck!

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