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How would you teach this in a group setting? HELP!

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Thanks so much to those of you who have responded to some previous posts. I know this is an odd thing to be posting on a homeschooling board, but truthfully I learned more from my homeschooling friends than I ever did in grad school for my ed degree! I'm now transitioning from being a homeschooler to working in a small, private Christian school. I will be the 7th/8th grade English teacher, as well as teaching 7th grade Bible. The school has given me some curriculum to use, but have also told me that they are really flexible and I can pretty much do what I want. So that means I can pick and choose a bit, use some of what they gave me, or do my own thing some of the time. I have never actually taught in a classroom before with the exception of student teaching a LONG time ago. So I'm trying to figure out how to do things.


The 3 curriculums I have been given are: Abeka grammar, Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, and BJU Literature text (Explorations in Literature and Excursions in Literature). They told me, however, that they are moving towards doing more novel/lit units than a lit text so I plan to do more of that. I also have a BJU Bible curriculum which they told me will only last me about 3 months and then I'm on my own!


I've never used Abeka at this age level for grammar before. It appears to basically be a long list of rules followed by exercises. There are no ideas on how to present the rules in a teaching format. If it were just my daughter, I would just let her do it individually and ask me if she needs clarification. I suppose I could do the same thing, or I could just go over the rules with the class. It seems silly for me to stand up there and read off a list of rules that they can read themselves. The presentation in the Abeka book is just lists of rules. So if I read it to them out loud it might be similar to reading the dictionary to them. However, I'm not sure all the students will be as used to individualized learning as my daughter has been. Any suggestions?


I've never used this vocab curriculum before. I prefer Wordly Wise but I will go with this. I'm not in love with the lit curriculum and will probably not use a ton of it. I have thought of using some of the pieces from the text as a base for teaching reading skills.


Other than the Abeka book, there is no writing curriculum.


I also have no idea how to schedule these things. I have them 5 days a week for about 1 hour each time. I'm trying to decide how individualized I should make it. Grammar every day, a few days a week. Lit on other days. My daughter has always been great about working through things on her own, but if I give too much freedom to a class I am afraid they might take over!


Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I can't help you with the grammar, but DO have a fantastic Bible suggestion: Positive Action For Christ. Peruse their jr. high offerings, and I bet you'll find something you like!


Are you opposed to mixing some of the Abeka exercises up by doing some cooperative learning structures? Maybe not every day, but just to keep their attention. I have used some structures I found by Googling "Cooperative Learning Structures." To further mix up the drill, how about some ideas stolen from the Multiple Intelligences stuff. Maybe once a week, you could have some stations set up by learning modality, ahem, "Intelligence," and the kids could drill each other on Grammar content at some different stations. You probably have tons of MI stuff if you are an education major. I have one lowly book, but I have gotten mileage out of it!


As far as lit, do you like the Progeny Press guides? I believe you can reproduce them for your classroom, and they'd be great discussion starters. Another way to mix it up would be to have literature circles. DIfferent groups could study different books.


Take all of this with a grain of salt, as I'm not a trained teacher. I only know what I've picked up here and there by teaching co-op classes and Sunday School. I like to surprise the kids and keep them on their toes, LOL!


Blessings on your new season of life!

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