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IEW Help Please...Need Some Summer Writing Suggestions :)

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Hello all :)


My older ds, recently turned 10 and a rising 5th grader, will be starting at a local Classical Study Center come this fall. He'll attend 2 days a week where he'll study history, literature, writing, grammar, Latin and science. His class will consist of other 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. He'll have assignments on his days off and we'll also cover math, bible, art, music, misc. language arts, etc.. at home :).


We're both excited about this new chapter. With him being a the older end of the age range, I have complete confidence that he'll adjust just fine with jumping into different curriculums that we've never used.


I would, however, like to work a little on writing over the summer. With having a new baby this winter we didn't get a chance to work on writing as much as I would have liked...and this is most definitely the subject that gives him the greatest anxiety. The co-op uses IEW, a program and method we're both unfamiliar with. We've done a bit of narration, copywork and dictation in the past. He's had basic instruction and minimal practice on the technical aspects of the writing process, basic outlining, how to write a paragraph, etc..


I've been looking through some websites and have a basic idea of how IEW works (creating keyword outlines and then using those to re-write stories along with encouraging "dressing up" your writing with strong adjectives, etc..).


I was wondering, without ordering the whole kit and kaboodle..what I could do to prepare us both (at least a little) for using IEW this upcoming year. I was looking at the books on LogosPress (Imitation in Writing) and was wondering if going through one of these would be useful...


Thanks so much in advance for any help you can offer!

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I was looking at the books on LogosPress (Imitation in Writing) and was wondering if going through one of these would be useful...


Definitely. In fact, this is what I was thinking before I got to this point in your post. My kids started out with IEW using an Imitation in Writing book when they were young. I'd suggest you use one of the easier ones. We used Writing Trails in American History. You get the basic IEW exposure, how to choose key words, how to make an outline, and how to change that outline into sentences. Everything is in small, manageable chunks. I don't believe this book used dress-ups, but those will be a natural progression for your son once he gets in the class.


I also used this as an opportunity for my kids to think on the fly. From their key word outline, they had to stand up and give a "speech" on their notes, using the words in complete sentences. They had never done anything like this and did surprisingly well. Your ds's background in narration would be a big benefit here, and it may likely give him more confidence in his outlining skills (as it did for my dc).


If you choose one of the Imitations in Writing/Writing Trails books, just be sure your ds uses a separate piece of paper for his assignments and doesn't write in the workbook. You'll have it handy for the next child, and you can sell it when you're through.:001_smile:


That sounds like a fun plan for your summer--what a great opportunity, and great timing for this new fall class!

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