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Hanging up kids' papers/art

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Please help me find the perfect system! I need something where I can easily clip artwork and schoolpapers, interchange them easily, and display them on the wall. Ideas?


I've heard some folks on WTM mention using retractable clothesline on a wall for hanging up artwork, etc. My SIL has a similar system from IKEA. I've also thought about making something like this. (Any brilliant ideas for how to easily do this---or have you seen something like it for sale??)


Any other ideas that would work for me? Photos and links are very welcomed! TIA!

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I got a length of bristol board from the recycling centre (not standard poster board but the kind that is thin cardboard). I threaded through some paper clips and then pinned it to the board. It is our art display board. If the kids want to hang a new piece we take 1 down. It saved my walls from pin and tape having 1 board for that.


when it comes to good school papers we have "refrigerator papers" when they score a mark of about 85% or higher it is a refrigerator paper and gets clipped to the fridge for a week or so. They like this because we go into that fridge so often in teh day it is repeatedly noticed. I also post things like clippings of them in the newspaper etc on there. They are very proud of those refridgerator papers.

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