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If you use a HS Planner, so you have a separate calendar & planner????


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I am trying to revamp my calendar approach for myself and the whole family. I eventually want to start my dd9 keeping her own calendar, when she gets to 5th grade, like SWB recommends in the lecture about students working independently. So I bought a big family wall calendar to have everyone's activities listed in clear view. However, I can't figure out of that should be MY calendar too, or if I should keep a separate one. I have used a Franklin planner for years because I used it when I worked full time (but not well; mostly only the monthly pages get filled out). I always deep down want to combine everything into one binder or planner, with homeschooling and household/personall all in there. I think I didn't use the Franklin daily pages very much because they are the small half size (Classic) and I don't write that small. SO then I keep my to do list in my head which isn't so good.


I'm curious to know what other people do, because I can't quite figure out what I need. If you have a homeschool planner, do you then have separate personal and family calendars? And do you do your daily planning (to do lists etc) in your homeschool planner? Or Do you have a separate household notebook that has calendars and to do lists etc? I need some ideas :)

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I have a separate personal calendar and a separate family calendar. I've tried to have everything in the same binder but depending on the level of detail in planning the binder ended up so large I couldn't comfortablly manage it. Think 'size of a Sonlight core manual'. Ugh.


So, I have now separate binders too. I have one main homeschooling binder with current schedules and lists and calendars. I have a homeschooling binder with completed planning sheets and lists. I have a homeschool binder with ideas. I have a household binder.


Then, I have a working clipboard. I have this week's current planning sheets and daily records for the kids on this. I have pocket folders with papers I need for appointments and things and also for answer keys for things we are working on this week. I have a family calendar and my personal calendar on this too, along with a copy of this week's menu and a running shopping list. And lots of post-its. I just find it easier to carry the clipboard around with me than a binder.

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I have a desk or notebook type calendar for my own use, and I have a calendar I put on the fridge for my daughter. Hubby is on his own. :)


These are separate from my HomeSchool planner, though. I keep an extensive HomeSchool planner for myself, and create weekly or daily checklists for my daughter. Her checklist just stays on a clipboard until it's done. Then she gives it back to me and I put it in the 3-ring binder with my more detailed plans.


I also keep my to-do list on the fridge in plain sight, because otherwise I'll forget/neglect it. I just put "To Do List" at the top of a plain white sheet of paper, put the paper in one of those clear plastic sheet protectors, and I write items on it in wet-erase marker and wipe them off again when they're done. (I tried dry-erase, but never could get it to fully erase. I like the wet-erase better.)


It's nothing fancy or special, but it seems to be working as well as anything else I've done.


ETA: I've tried electronic calendars and to-do list in the form of apps on my iPad. But somehow it was just easier to ignore and forget those. I seem to need real, tangible paper staring me in the face!

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