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  1. It wasn't clear in your original post whether you are you having your students just read the lesson out of the Saxon books themselves or are you teaching it to them? If you are having them read it and learn on their own, they may need explicit instruction, either from you or from a video teacher like Dr. Shormann in DIVE, Nicole the Math Lady (she has a free 7 day trial), or Saxon Teacher. https://nicolethemathlady.com/ https://diveintomath.com/saxon-math/ https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/045882/Saxon-Math-Homeschool-Teacher-Digital-License-1-Year-Digital-Level-5-4-3
  2. Is it DIVE or the Saxon book or both? There's also Nicole the Math Lady videos for Saxon https://nicolethemathlady.com/ FWIW, I'm having a similar issue trying to transition my dd9 to Saxon 54 (with DIVE) coming from a different curriculum (BJU). A big part of our problem is how far behind Saxon 54 is starting out from where BJU 3 ended. Having once tried MM years ago, I would venture to guess its even farther behind MM3, so could it be boredom? I'm trying to skip through 54 with testing and looking at the new concept taught each day to make sure dd doesn't have holes, but quite fran
  3. I have dd9 doing Level A year 1 now along with the online class (which is fantastic, btw). My older daughter did the old version of Levels A & B, Student Writing Intensive and Student Continuation Course. The way it worked before (like the previous poster said), and I think still does, is that you do Year one of a level, then year 2, then year 2 of the following levels. Levels B & C add units that aren't in level A, as well as more difficult stylistic techniques. I have only seen the Level A of the new version, but I am relatively sure it will be the same as the SWI and SICC course
  4. Moderately happy with Algebra 1. Very happy with Geometry. I also required my daughter do all her work on paper (she kept it all in a spiral notebook). After TT Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1, I felt like her understanding was shaky, even though she got an A in both TT courses. I had her repeat Algebra 1 with Derek Owens online Algebra 1, which was a more difficult course (she told me it covered things she did not learn in TT). She then did TT Geometry (DO Geometry uses Jacobs, and it was a no-go for her we realized after a few weeks). Then she did Derek Owens Algebra 2 (TT Algebra 2 include
  5. My daughter is currently taking a dual enrollment class called Into to Psychology through Taylor University (online). She has really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It is completely asynchronous, and self-paced (you do the work online and in communication with the professor over email). You have 4 months to finish from the day you start the course (which is the day after you pay). I would highly recommend it for a student who would like that format. The course is built on an interactive textbook with embedded videos and activities. It is $200/credit hour, so $600 for the 3 credit hour cla
  6. There are only CD-roms for the 2.0 edition. I'm pretty sure the 1.0 version was CD-ROMs also. They aren't DVDs you can play in your DVD player (they only run on a Windows or MAC computer). My dd did Algebra 1 version 2.0 before the streaming option (version 3.0), and there was a set of 10 CD-ROMs. I think you may be looking at the first edition, 1.0 on Ebay (I just looked myself, and see some 1.0 versions for sale and they include have discs labeled as CDs). I think the version 1.0 wasn't self-grading, but I'm not completely sure. I would recommend the updated edition, 2.0 or 3.0; th
  7. My daughter's scores now show up in the ACT system, though we've never received the notification email from ACT that they claim will be sent. So there was a 2 day delay between schools receiving her scores and getting access to the report on ACT's site. Just posting in case anyone else has this happen to them.
  8. I thought of one more curriculum, which we own and my daughter has used as a reference but not actually gone through lesson by lesson: Writing Fiction in High School by Sharon Watson. https://www.christianbook.com/writing-fiction-bringing-stories-student-text/sharon-watson/9781463582081/pd/582081?event=ESRCG
  9. Wondering if anyone whose student took the July 18 ACT and also ordered the test information release has received their scores yet. My dd has not received her scores directly from ACT, but one of the schools she sent scores to has received her scores! The school actually called and emailed today encouraging her to apply after having received her score report. I think this is completely unacceptable for ACT to send scores to a school before the student, but maybe this is not unusual? I've seen that some people have gotten their July results, but wondered if the test info release has delay
  10. My daughter has enjoyed The One Year Adventure Novel. She's getting ready to start the follow-up course, Other Worlds. Both are one year courses. The lessons are on DVD or streaming with books that go with it, and there's an optional student forum that students can get writing advice, critiques, and regular live webinars. Probably the highlight of my daughter's high school career.
  11. I haven't looked much at the printed; I have a hard time finding samples of things on VP's site, but I should check that out. I do own all the cards plus all the older grades literature. Yes, I probably do miss doing history with her. I let my older daughter do all of the courses completely on her own in 4th-7th grade, and in retrospect I have some regret about that, after doing SOTW with her earlier. (Also, I felt like the VP courses didn't make her WORK enough, and that bit her big time in 8th grade when she took a textbook-based live history course. It is kind of hard for me to see
  12. Wow, I didn't know this was an option! Yes, we have problems with glitches and getting stuck sometimes too, so I should do this. Sometimes it seems like its caused by my browser, but sometimes that doesn't seem to matter. I would love to be able to skip around, and not have the grading. I feel like it isn't adding much for us. Thanks!
  13. If you've used VP SP history, I need some ideas. DD9 (4th grade) did VP self paced NT, Greece & Rome last year. She learned a fair amount, and enjoyed it to some extent. We did quite a few of the literature selections as read alouds. What I didn't like about it was how much screen time it required every day, and the review games were not infrequently frustrating for her (and I really wish there was a parent override for some of those silly games--they sucked up so much time without adding any value). I wish I hadn't done this now, but when the VPSA sale came along in the spring,
  14. We have watched the BJU Hamlet production twice, once when it streamed live a few years ago and again this year when DD actually studied the play for a class. It is very well done, and I would highly recommend it.
  15. I'm not sure what course you're considering. My daughter used DIVE for Physical Science in 9th grade. The first half of the year she did the BJU DLO course (with the BJU book) but it was overwhelming in the sheer amount of material covered. I switched her to DIVE hoping to simplify a little. She was using the BJU book with DIVE also, which is a difficult book, and I would not recommend it for a slow reader. She had done well with the 7th and 8th grade BJU books, but this was a jump. She is a fast reader and generally good at science, but found DIVE quite difficult (and dry) . Maybe with
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