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  1. Here is Jay Wile's review. His reaction is mixed, not completely unfavorable.
  2. After a lot of research, we bought this one from Microscope Central a few years ago 1x Accu-Scope 3088 Rechargeable LED Monocular Student Microscope Series - 3088MS-LED - Monocular, Mechanical Stage & Iris Great customer service and fair price. Just bought a stereo microscope by same manufacturer from them last Christmas. I highly recommend both the brand and the Microscope Central. They were very helpful in deciding what to buy and shipped quickly. I think it's a family owned business. Nature's Workshop also sells microscopes and I remember looking at theirs as well as Home Science Tools.
  3. There is a pretty significant sample on the Apologia website. It looks TOTALLY different than the Jay Wile book to me. This one is visually more appealing, although I can't speak to the content. I no longer have my old edition or else I'd dig it out and compare the TOC. You can see the TOC of the old version as well as a one page excerpt here on Rainbow Resource: FWIW, I think very highly of Sheri Seligson, the author, having met and talked with her at a homeschool moms' conference several years back (she was a speaker). She homeschooled all of her kids through high school and is a marine biologist by profession. She is also the author of the Marine Biology textbook as well as the teacher on the Apologia Biology and Chemistry videos (my daughter used the biology videos last year and is using chemistry now). I'd expect it to be a very good book since it is written by her.
  4. I have a rising junior and a rising 3rd grader. I started the now-junior on BJU in K, which I liked but thought the grass must be greener in the Asian math world because of all the rave reviews I heard (Singapore, Math Mammoth, Right Start), and also tried several others in search of the holy math grail. Looking back, we should have stayed the course with BJU, because it worked fine for us. I always felt (as an engineer) that I should TRY Asian math because my daughter would probably like it better and learn better. DD never did come to love math (she does well but is a humanities girl). Current 3rd Grader is in BJU 3 and I'm sticking it out until Pre-Algebra or longer (and she LOVES math and does well). I always felt bad for some reason that I liked BJU, but it is a solid program (and I love the distance learning option). I agree with the advice to skip over all the stuff in the TM. If they get it quickly, just let them do the worksheet. There is nothing magic or superior about one curriculum over another; use the one that works and stick with it. My older DD just took the SAT and ACT as a sophomore and did respectable on math even without having algebra 2 yet, despite all my crazy jumping around math curriculum. It will be ok! 🙂
  5. Thanks! Duh, should have looked at their website today before I posted!!! I must have gone to their website before the sale started a few days ago and didn't think to check back.
  6. I used VP self paced history with older dd years ago, and have lost track of when they put the courses on sale. It seems like there was usually a back-to-school sale for $99 or so. Did I miss it? It might be a hit with my younger dd now that she's old enough to do it, and I'd love to get it on sale if I could. Thanks!
  7. I second Reflex Math. It isn't free, however. But it was worth every penny for my daughter to finally master her facts (about $35 a year I think). Xtra math was so boring.
  8. Just echoing what Arcadia said: My daughter just took the SAT in June. Her passport (her only ID since she doesn't have a driver's license) has her TWO middle names, and her SAT ticket only had one initial. No problem, and same with the ACT earlier this year!
  9. My daughter used this two years ago and enjoyed it. She didn't do all the writing assigned because she was also taking an online writing course, and we spread it out over a year along with the writing course. We primarily used it to add more of a literature component to a class that was very focused on composition. The reading selections and discussion were very good. We used the online streaming option, which is what I prefer for all the BJU distance learning courses. All the quizzes, tests, teacher edition excerpts, etc. are built right into the online course.
  10. My 10th grader has taken Health (Amanda Hunter) and Essay Writing (Jaime Anderson) and is now in Research Paper Writing also with Jaime Anderson. They have all been great classes and I highly recommend this online academy! If you have specific questions about how the classes operate, I’m happy to answer. Sorry I can’t address the Equine studies directly.
  11. She is in 10th grade now (15.5). I think it was listed as a high school class, but the book says its geared for middle and high school. I know of a local co-op that teaches it to 7th and 8th graders.
  12. Not OP, but my dd did not enjoy the one Bravewriter class she took because of the asynchronous, all-text driven format. She felt like the feedback and interaction was very distant because of the format. She needs the live class experience if she's going to take an online class. So consider if your student would do well with the format, because it is a lot different than live online. Some kids do thrive with it.
  13. My dd took a CiRCE LTW1 class last year . She really enjoyed it and I think it did help her writing. However, I feel like it moves pretty slowly and is only focusing on the persuasive essay. For her, it hasn't been easy to translate what she learned in LTW to other types of essays. She's now taking a class through Bright Ideas Press Academy using the Elegant Essay (plus they use two college composition handbooks), and so far I like it a lot because it is focusing on a lot of the specifics of essay writing that she hasn't had before in such detail (she did IEW prior to LTW, so she had some essay experience but not a lot).
  14. Thanks for posting this! My dd is struggling with the geometry I chose for her, and I've been considering trying TT Geometry, so this is encouraging.
  15. Looking for a sanity check here. If your child completed DO Geometry (or is doing it now), how much time per day did (or do) they devote to it? My dd started DO Geometry a few weeks ago, and it is taking her FOREVER to get through the lessons. She did extremely well with Algebra 1, spending 1 - 1.5 hours a day on it and got a high A. She's spending about the same amount of time on Geometry, but making much less progress. I think she started 3.5 weeks ago, and is only halfway through Week 2 on the Syllabus. She says its dealing with the Textbook that is what's so time consuming (and she said some of the textbook is confusing). I've read reviews saying DO Geometry was not as easy to use as Algebra because of the Jacobs Geometry textbook. She's got a lot of other work on her plate, so I really don't want her doing more than 1.5 hours per day, but I don't want her to take 2 years to get through Geometry either! If it gets too painful, I'll jump ship to TT or MUS (this is not a STEM major in the making I have here; definitely a humanities girl that does well in math but doesn't like it). But I really like the DO approach -- taking lecture notes, working example problems during lectures, outside grading, so I don't want to ditch it too soon. Any advice?
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