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Plan my meals for me?

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Here's the situation:


We're out of meat, except for fish. We're out of frozen veggies, but have half a spaghetti squash, a butternut squash, and perhaps some salad and a cucumber. Some carrots.


We're disassembling furniture today, and loading the truck tomorrow. However, we don't leave the house until Monday morning. So, I need breakfast, lunch and dinner for Saturday and Sunday, with buying as little from the store, and as cheaply, as possible, with as few kitchen items as possible.


And my brain is simply refusing to work. Tell me what to feed us!

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Have the fish with squash and rice one night. Maybe buy a little bit of chicken and do a chicken salad with bread the next night. Could you bake anything? You could use your carrots and make a double batch of carrot muffins. And maybe boil some eggs. Along with some fruit that would take care of breakfast for both days and would provide something easy to snack on as well. I'd stick with very simple sandwiches and cut up cucumber slices for lunches.


Good luck with your move!

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