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Rewards Intermediate vs Apples and Pears

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Yes, I know one is a reading program and the other a spelling program, but..... My soon-to-be 10yo is finishing up A and P level B. He knows all of his phonograms and spelling rules from using PR and OG methods to learn to read. He is a good speller. My neatest with his handwriting and can read. He does not need another phonics/reading program.


However, he still struggles with reading. It does not come naturally for him and he gets frustrated. He does say that reading to himself is much faster than reading to me and his comprehension is excellent, but I assume he just skips difficult words. He only reads what I require and I refrain from assigning too much or more difficult reading because I don't want to turn him off completely.


I think he could benefit from Rewards, but I also look ahead at A and P levels C and D and see that it will get into breaking the words down into morphemes. So I hesitate to add more work for him.


Is Rewards worth it or should I just be patient and let A and P get us there? Will A and P get us those results?

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REWARDS is your best bet. In only 21 or so lessons, you will see a huge difference. I used it with my 13 year old with much success. I would also suggest using a notched card while reading through the Webster's speller. It sounds like your son needs to train himself to really read - left to right - instead of guessing or skipping over words.


I used REWARDS along with Spelling Through Morphographs, which is very similar to Apples and Pears. It was a great match. ;)


Best of luck.

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