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Need Advice...a new math program


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My son is finishing Horizons 3. He does great academically, but he hates it! He says it is boring. We have tried Bob Jones for English and now Heritage Studies, and my little visual learner loves the colorful backgrounds, puppets, silly skits etc. Sooooo, it seemed logical that we try BJU for Math. Math 5 distance learning has not been updated in many years and is not the same quality as the other subjects he has enjoyed. I bought it, and returned it because even I found it "boring." I traded it to BJU math 4, which has been updated and is entertaining. He loves the theme etc. and begs for math now BUT it is too easy. BJU 4 offers the same concepts as the Horizons 3 that he has already aced.


Is there another "fun", interactive, game type, or colorful video type math program I'm missing???? The Horizon books are colorful, but he wants more than a workbook.


Advice please!!!!

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The only interactive math I have experience with is Teaching Textooks. I don't know that it would be a good fit for him, but maybe give it a look.


Good luck! My dd9 is very visual and has done well with TT4 this year. I think she often got overwhelmed by seeing so many problems on one page. TT is one at a time.

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