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Tutoring program "free" placement tests-at all useful?

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A tutoring center recently opened near my house and is offering a free placement test, supposedly no obligation-they go through high school subjects.


There's a part of me that's very tempting to call them up and see if they could test DD, because she's seemed to really be jumping ahead recently, and I'm wondering if I'm picking curriculum correctly for her or not, and getting any sort of individual academic testing seems to be very expensive-I can't find anyone that does it other than as part of an exam to screen for various disabilities, and the waiting lists are very long. I can't really see any situations where we'd be likely to pay for tutoring for academics for DD except maybe for Latin or Greek, though.


Would this even be worth calling them? I'd be willing to pay something for a score report that showed me DD's strengths and weaknesses-just not the amount that a full psychoeducational test battery costs!

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