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Okay so this year we tried Saxon 2 for my dd7 and it wasn't working for us so we started doing MM and it was doing the job.......then my computer crashed ! So I have been doing the second workbook for Horizons and going over each concept in detail. So she knows her math facts and multipication facts. We have covered time, money, and measurement. We are working on division. So my question is if we were to start MEP write now where should we start? I am super excited because I think this would be a great fit.

Thanks in advance:001_smile:

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Thanks that is what I've been leaning towards 2b. But I will do some of the 2a to get her familiar.
Maybe work through a week or two worth of lessons from 2a at a time, picking out the puzzle-y problems. :) Even in 2B there will be a number of skill building (as opposed to concepts) exercises you can skip outright.
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