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Please compare/contrast SOTW & MOH


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MOH, a week is divided into three lessons. While you have mapwork, I added Knowledge Quest maps. I like having a map for each week, but this is a drawback of both SOTW and MOH. Not a consideration when comparing on this point.


For each week, you pretest. This is a chance to see what you know and where you are going.

You complete the lesson reading. Choose, not a must, an activity to complete. Again, I like a very hands-on history, and I have added many resources for the lessons on my own.


At the end of the week, you complete the quiz, or what-did-you-learn worksheets. You create your memory cards. (I downloaded and printed. We add the memory cards to our memory organizer each week.) You can complete the notebook pages if available (most all lessons have them, again a download that is worth the time). The notebook pages are fillable and others are ready for summary or research documentation. It is a great package worth the few dollars.


Lastly, you add to your timeline.


Reading suggestions for both the scriptures and literature are in the appendix in the back of the book.


This is an approach to ancient history through a biblical timeline and as such contains biblical characters, morals, and ethics as viewed by scripture.


Months ago, I abandoned their notebook organization in favor a semester that is lined up in sequence, which happens to be chronological. A point of the book, it is chronological except for a few lessons (MOH).


SOTW does jump a bit, and it is not biblically aligned.


The reading level from SOTW 1 to MOH 1 is different, but not by much. While I choose to use MOH in the logic stage that is not to say that it cannot be used over and over for each stage!



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