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ULBUSA: The Ultimate Living Book Unit Study Adventure


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Okay this new curriculum is a mouthful. ULBUSA: The Ultimate Living Book Unit Study Adventure




It's only $15.00 and as well as many ebooks, it is chock block full of links to quality online resources, some entirely new to me, and some I have NO idea how I have forgotten about.


Who has purchased it? What do you think? For those who have used SOW (Students of the Word), how do you think it compares?


I'm impressed. I think it's an excellent bargain, and I'm always on board when it comes to Bible as a textbook resources. It certainly is cheaper than SOW! It's available as an immediate download. It uses cheaper online resources instead of hundreds of dollars of books with high shipping costs. It's more...CM and Robinson flavored than SOW so looks like less work for mom, and...not quite sure what I'm feeling, but...just more...relaxed.


I think if a forum or yahoo group starts, that this could quickly become as popular as Robinson and TJed.


:bigear: :bigear: :bigear:

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Yeh, it's THE living book, not living bookS. It's not going to work for a LOT of people :-)


The Bible as THE central TEXTBOOK instead of as a supplement, is as different as LCC is from neoclassical. It's pretty hardcore, but amazingly simple at the same time.

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