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A Reason for Handwriting K or Level A?


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I am trying to figure out what level to buy for my daughter (4, turning 5) to start in the fall. She already knows how to write all her letters, but they are all different heights and we haven't gone over correct line placement. This is what I am hoping to work on this upcoming year. She loves writing and often wants to write letters to family, with me telling her how to spell some words. She is also reading, if that information helps at all.


I looked at the Kindergarten book for A Reason for Handwriting, and I don't want her to outgrow it too quickly and become bored. At the same time, I do not want the level A material to be too overwhelming for her. (Is the type too small?) It is only February, so I also know that she will be at a different place come the fall when we start everything.


Any suggestions?

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I am using both this year. I am using the K level for my preschooler because she needs to learn how to form the letters and practice with neatness (writing the letters in the lines rather than all over the place on the page).


I have a first grader using Level A. It seems just right for her. I think it also could have been fine for her during kindergarten when she was 5-6 years old. Each week is a different Bible verse. She practices writing some of the words and tracing the verse Monday-Thursday, and on Friday she writes the whole verse out on a special page. The print is a significantly smaller than the K level.


I would probably say for a 4/5 year old that the K level would be the best place to start so that she could become better at writing the letters in the lines. Since she is already reading, there are many other things you could do in addition, such as independent workbooks or copywork from some of her favorite picture books.

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