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  1. For those who have used AOPS pre-algebra... did you have your child do every problem in the book? We are just starting and I am trying to figure out the right pacing for us. I really don't want it to take 2 years, but at the same time, I don't want my daughter skipping some questions that would have really benefited her.
  2. My seven year old is challenging me, and I have no idea what to do, or how to help her. I can't handle the whining, complaining, and bad attitude any more. I talk reasonable, I give natural consequences, we talk about whining and complaining, but nothing helps. We don't give in to whining, but the consequences don't seem to have any affect on future actions. She just is not happy most of the time. Although she is one of 5, I really feel like we spend dedicated time with her during the day. She has always been a crier, though. She is just an emotional girl. We are a gf family, and I recently took dyes out of her diet. It has helped to some extent. Someone else answers a question in school... she whines. School is hard... she whines. (When I don't know if it really is. Once she focuses, she blows through it. It doesn't seem too easy, either.) But she doesn't want to watch *that* show... she whines. (Today it was a dolphin documentary I offered to put on. We watch very little tv. They actually watched something yesterday, but I offered an education documentary and explained that since it was a school week, she could watch that show or do something else. Whining, whining, whining.) People don't want to play what she wants... whining and complaining. (And she usually won't play unless it is on her terms. I mean, who wants a friend like that? She ends up a loner so much.) She is hot... whining. She can't figure out what to eat for a snack. I make suggestions... whine, whine, whine. I can't stand that if things aren't her way, she isn't happy. In a family of 5, that just doesn't fly. Any suggestions?
  3. I am religous, so I can't really comment on how you might take it. From what I remember, I think you would still enjoy it. I have been reading Cindy's writing for a while and sort of held her up on a pedestal. I just assumed she did everything right and had this mothering/CM/morning time thing down. The book was a memoir of her real life, her messy real life. It was the first time I felt relatable to her. I took away that we are all imperfect a humans here just trying our best at homeschooling and mothering. It made me feel better about all my shortcomings.
  4. What kind of eye test are they giving her? A friend of mine just found out her daughter was far-sighted. She is 6, as well, and has a lot of trouble reading. They were thinking dyslexia, or some other issue. Then a grandfather stepped in who noticed she had a hard time seeing close letters. The doctor's tests didn't catch that she couldn't see up close. She just got glasses that she wears when reading and she is flying through lessons. Worth looking into.
  5. I feel like I remember seeing a list at one time where someone lined up all the SOL books, TOG books, and chapters from WTM. Does anyone know where I might find it? Many thanks!
  6. Well, I'm past my due date with #5, and this has become the longest I have ever been pregnant. BUT, this has given me the time to comb lice out of the hair of my children that I discovered Friday and tackle the war zone that has become my house because of this.
  7. Oh my goodness, are you in luck! There are tons of places to eat gluten free. Two of our favorites are Rise Bakery (fully-dedicated gf bakery with the most amazing bagels, empanadas, croissants, etc -- yes, you read right!) and Legal's Seafood (I don't know if y'all like seafood, but they offer everything fried gf and have amazing gf rolls at the beginning.) There are tons of other options, but these are two we love to hit up. Do you have the "Find Me Gluten Free" app? It will give you a good idea of all DC offers. If y'all end up going and want more suggestions, just let me know!
  8. I'm all about saving money. This is where I am leaning now, so thank you!
  9. Yes, this is more what I need. Plus, my bank account appreciates it!
  10. I needed to be reminded of this. Thank you!
  11. I'm looking to take a break from math for a little and do something fun with the kids. Has anyone used the RS math games and can give me a little review?
  12. You MUST book a tour of the Capitol through your representative. We live just outside DC and this has been one of our favorite things. It was a private tour where we could move along at our own pace with a wonderful staff member from the reps office. There is a museum in the Capitol and we saw a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Plus, it was all free!
  13. This is great! I can see this as a problem. My mother-in-law actually passed me a book long ago about validating a child (as she was experiencing things with my grown sister-in-law and saw this as something they didn't do in her childhood.) I probably need to go read it!
  14. I have these calm talks with her every day. We always talk about we all have choices to make in our actions. It's okay for things to not go exactly how we want (because that is life) but there are other ways to express our feelings. We talk about how we are blessed with so much and have lots of great experiences, but sometimes things don't go how we want. I will just keep reminding myself that she still is young and she will outgrow it. Thank you!
  15. I have a child who is a crier and I just cannot handle it. She cries about EVERYTHING. Little things, big things, stupid things, every thing. (She is 6, btw.) It's not that she is balking at us asking her to do things, or that she isn't getting her way. Just any displeasure is expressed in tears. We do not stand for whining and I usually send her to her room, but that results in her being in her room a lot. I can only imagine what she will think of when she looks back on her childhood -- a life spent in her room, alone, when all of her siblings are having fun downstairs. I'm sure she will be the child who despises us and her childhood and will need therapy to deal with it all. I asked her to stop reading to start school, so she came downstairs to our school table and picked up another book. I asked her to put it down and she started crying. Me: Why are you crying?!?" Daughter: Because I want to read. Me: Is that REALLY a reason to cry? She enjoys school and does well, just at that moment, she wanted to read. Hence the tears. Her brother talked to her while she was trying to sew. Hence tears. Her sister got some play dough on her bike. Hence, tears. We say she can only have water tonight at a restaurant. Hence, tears. She can't sit next to so-and-so at dinner. Hence, tears. Tears. Always. Help. I feel she is having a horrible childhood, but we aren't going to give in just to make her happy.
  16. My sweet oldest daughter has always loved math and really excelled in it, to the point that I considered her an advanced learner. It came so easy and she blew threw all her Horizons math books (1st and 2nd, always a grade ahead). The spiral was getting a little redundant for her, and I didn't want it to become busy work, so we switched over to Math Mammoth 3 recently. She went from loving math and excelling to being in tears everyday. Everyday. It's just such a different format that what she was used to. It breaks my heart to see a kid who loved math, wanted to do math every day, and exclaimed it was her favorite start to feel stupid and have anxiety come over her when it is math time every day. It really started with mental math in MM. She had never been exposed to it before in Horizon and she just can't get her brain to think that way. Is this expected sometimes? My heart hurts so much for her right now and I'm at a loss as to what to do.
  17. Thank you all so much. I am not so worried anymore. It is just wonderful to hear others' stories, knowing that it is all working out! Ellen, glad to know your brother's experience. You made such a good point about school also being a negative experience. I mean, that is a huge reason why we are homeschooling in the first place! Scouts! Yes, that would be wonderful. We need to start looking into that. My husband is very involved and does a lot of special activities with him. I was worried it wouldn't be enough, but you are very encouraging. Also, we are looking into TL for when that time comes. It sounds like something he and my husband would love!
  18. Does anyone have this situation with an older boy? Our family continues to grow, yet my son remains the only boy. He is young right now (4) and seems to love his place in the family, but I get worried that he will miss out later in life. He has plenty of time and space to run outdoors, but I also know that boys develop so much in relationships with other boys. I feel like I will fail him keeping him at home in a household full of girls. I'm not talking about sending him to traditional school anytime soon, but I wonder about what expectations I should have for the future. We were planning on homeschooling all the way through. Can anyone give some been-there-done-that advice?
  19. I don't think anyone mentioned your uber question, but you can get an über for 6 people. We did on our last trip, at the very end, when we just wanted to get straight back to the hotel. Nice to know it is an option for a last resort when legs are too tired to make it back to the metro!
  20. Oh, this is EXACTLY what I need. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  21. My oldest is working on her multiplication facts, but I have seen that she needs some simple review each day or a couple times a day just to stay on top of her addition/subtractions facts. We used to do "mad minutes" in school and I am looking for something similar. Is there a place that has an abundance of mixed problems to review facts? Or maybe a worksheet generator somewhere for this? I know of several math apps, but then I always deal with the rest of them begging to play something on the phone or iPad. I would rather have a short worksheet.
  22. Well, I will say that I am not really a seriously reader, mainly getting my fill in homeschooling/spiritual books the past 10 years. If I get anywhere close to 52 books, I guarantee you they will not all be from this list. I will need a lot of light stuff to keep me sane. Maybe attempt one Classic a month, is what I am thinking.
  23. I do. Has the reading list changed much between the two editions, outside of the science chapter?
  24. I have coined 2016 as "the year of reading" in my life. Okay, it hasn't even started, yet, so I don't know how things will play out, but I have a deep desire to dig into all the classics I missed in my own education. I opened up The WEM this morning (I only wrapped it myself so I wouldn't start reading it the day it arrived from Amazon) and I am eager to start. I will say I am a little upset that Susan recommends reading chronologically. I envisioned a year with lovely classics maybe starting with Pride and Prejudice. Seriously, Don Quixote first?!? Yet, I'm somehow still interested in Susan's method, as I really respect her and she has a lot more wisdom as to where I should start than I do. Anyways, anyone else currently working through the list? Also, I have been reading older threads on the topic and saw mention of a 52 books in 52 weeks group. Is this still active and where do they post?
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