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DH being stubborn

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Our Kindergartner is being before/after schooled right now. We are doing First grade when she is home while she goes to "school" for "socialization" per DH request. DD main complaint is she is VERY bored. I have talked to him about keeping her home fulltime next school year b/c she is so far ahead and the school will not give her higher grade/challenging work.


Right now I am doing the following with her:


Time 4 Learning



Read Aloud

Anything else that interests her


I will be adding Saxon 1 and was planning on waiting till she was reading well to implement Grammar/spelling instruction.


She loves staying home and is very receptive and eager when we do "school" at home. I guess the point of my post is I am just frustrated that DH wants her to goto school so she be around kids her age.


I would have plenty of opportunity for her to be around other kids and I have my 2 nephews during the week so she isn't lacking interaction. She will also be joining Cub Scouts this fall.


So hive....tell me he will come around?! I would have thought since he hated school b/c he was never challenged ended up dropping out-got his GED and graduated college with a 4.0......... that he would be ok with it.



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He may or he may not. :) In our household, my husband has been begging me for years to homeschool. I just didn't want to give up my free time. Most days are great, some days I really long for silence. :)


If your husband's main conern is for socialization, honestly, I'd work on that more than the math (due to the fact that she is young). I'd enroll her in plenty of activities and schedule lots of play dates. Then remind him that in school they get in trouble for 'socializing' and she's quite social outside of school.


All the best :)

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