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MCT: its writing program, and after Voyage Level, what?...


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My 10 yro is trapped in the Town level right now. :tongue_smilie: Honestly, we don't use the writing component. My daughter used Classical Composition for 4th grade writing. For 5th grade, she's starting Writing with Skill and The Creative Writer. If you have the TM for back-up, I think WWS has more guidance in teaching middle school writing than MCT LA has.


Now, if you want to know what I think about the OTHER components of MCT's LA...the poetry books are incredible! There is nothing out there like them. The grammar books are extremely thorough. What 3rd grader knows what a subject complement is??? :D I learn just as much as my daughter when we read through those books. And, I like the way the Town level talks about paragraph structure. My daughter also enjoys the vocab books. She studies Latin and the vocab book is a great supplement.


I think my daughter plans to continue with MCT, but we are using WWS for writing.

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