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Small Changes

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This year I am trying to make small changes that might have big impacts. I thought I would share what changes have been easy for me to make and (hopefully) find out what small changes you all have been able to make.


1. Drinking Green Tea (Tetley now has a line of green tea bags that I just pick up and go. I gave up my coffee last year and have now replaced it with green tea.)


2. Eating oatmeal for breakfast. (Oatmeal is SO good for you and I kind of like it if I add in extra raisins. It makes me feel like I got the day off to the right start no matter how the rest of the day goes!)


3. Initiating teA more with DH. Enough said. Everyone is happier.


That is all I can think of for now. What about you all? :bigear:

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I've converted back to "Malibu and coke are for SPECIAL occasions - NOT every day". I got a bottle of Malibu for Christmas and have kept it up lol. It's not so much the malibu I don't like, but the coke.


I'm planning two 1/2 hour sessions of "handwork nights" a week where everyone picks up project. I"m creating a toddler sewing basket even! I'm hoping this encourages dh to shut of the tv (and me the ipad lol) and join us (he's actually quite crafty)


I started a daily quiet time last fall and I'm LOVING it. I swoon just thinking of it! Older Ds (4) plays quietly in the living room while listening to books on CD, ds (2) plays quietly in his room and I do WHATEVER I want for a whole hour. It's heavenly and has made a huge impact on my sanity. Younger ds quit napping before he was two and I thought he was too little for quiet time, but in retrospect I should have tried crib time instead, even for a half hour!

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1. I gave up CocaCola & now drink mainly water.

2. I've made a menu & actually stuck with it. I brainstormed 11 weeks of dinners just before New Years & we're on the last fortnight now. Dinner / shopping / cooking / etc. have been so much less stressful. I put a small (A3 size) whiteboard on my pantry door & write out the week's dinner menu for everyone to see.

3. I'm trying to reduce the amount of processed &/or high sugar foods we eat & increase the fresh fruits & veg. in our daily diets.


So far, so good.


---I wish I could say that I've made progress on decluttering the house, but no luck in that department so far :tongue_smilie:

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