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So, I am currently using MM (I bought the cd with grades 1-6 on it) with my twins. It is going well, but am thinking of switching to Singapore or maybe doing both.


I'm going to give both boys the Singapore assessment tests. I think I want to go with the Standards edition, but wanted to check with you all first?!?!?


DS2 has already taught himself multiplication, division, knows place value through the millions, is the banker on all his monopoly games :D, knows basic fractions, etc. This is without me teaching him really. I'm really not sure what to do with him. He loves doing math for fun. Maybe I should stick with MM and add in Singapore's IP and CMP. I was also thinking of LOF. He is the type of kid you show something once, and off he goes. I'm so afraid of missing something and leaving a gap in his math so I have been trudging through MM 1a and 1b. He does it without complaint, but it is easy for him.


I guess I am at the point where I will be teaching 2 different levels of math :tongue_smilie:. DS1 is quite bright also, but he just isn't excited about learning like his brother. He likes to play with his action figures and stuff more than doing school -- LOL. DS2 asks to do school.


I am so overwhelmed...

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MM is easy to accelerate through - just don't make him do all the problems, lol. That said, SM is a fine program of course, so switching to SM for one might be one way to disguise the differences between twins (though they already likely know!). Adding in CWP/IP to either SM or MM sounds like a fine idea as well.


Whether you accelerate through or jump ahead, with either curriculum, is another question.

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I'd suggest accelerating through MM until you figure out â€where he isâ€, and also add in IP and CWP. Once you get to a spot where he's learning new things, you can either keep going in MM or switch to Singapore. For my son, 4th grade was the slow down spot where we switched over to Singapore (DS didn't need the incremental instruction of MM, and he much preferred the presentation of Singapore).

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