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Computer Games and Instruction?

Pamela H in Texas

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So I was doing some searching and found things like Zoombinis and JumpStart which were a pretty big when my big kids were small. I was wondering if there are still such programs that people are using? I don't allow my littles much time on the computer, but I'd be interested in the current loved programs so I could pick a few for them to do. I figure that in over a decade, there may be some new things worth enjoying :)

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I don't know, but my daughter loooooves jumpstart, which I got at tjmxx for $6 so don't rule that out. :) I know that on the library computers, my kids play an Arthur game and also a Miss Spider Sunny Patch game that both seem to have a lot of educational value. (Though now that I think about it I think my 7 yo plays them more than my 5.


Also look on your computer...ours has a game preinstalled called Purble Place that has some logic games that are fun and educational.


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