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Birthday party ideas for 13 year old girl...

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I used to be very creative with parties, but with my children's birthdays being three months in a row, it just got to be too much...so once they hit 12' we decoded only parties for ages 13 and 16...my youngest turns 13 in April, here is my plan so far..Need help pulling it together!


We are planning on surprising her friends by decorating the our minivan and car with streamers and such (on the inside)...kidnapping all her friends between 5am and 6am...lots of driving to get everyone...making them stay in their jammies to go eat breakfast at IHOP...parents will know about this ahead of time and have their bag prepacked for a slumber party.


With starting so early, I want to have some fun things planned..thought I could have the party gift be a photo album of the events....the day in the life of a teen would be the title...but am trying to come up with themes for games/activities...


Dance central ...teens dance


A game with a chore (actually thought I would have manure compost races)


Some kind of game with homework as a theme?


Eating pizza for dinner,


Help me think of how to welcome her into the teens, want some kind of game to symbolize the moods of teens...maybe a mood faceoff? Scores for the best grumble face?


This will be a surprise so can not talk to my teens about it! :)


Maybe a texting speed contest??


Ooh, just thought of another one, my kids really do not shop nor care about clothes, but could divide them into pairs and see who can buy the most items for $5... Ya know stretch the dollar? Then use those items for their goody bags! Ha! They will end up with 50 safety pins! :)



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