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Teacher Intensive Dirt Cheap to Implement Curricula


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Okay, lets list the curricula that require the teacher to learn a lot herself, before teaching, but when the teaching starts, the teacher needs nothing more than a stick and stretch of dirt to scratch in.


Okay a chalkboard or some scrap paper is more likely, but you get the idea.


I'll start the list.


Writing Road to Reading for spelling, handwriting and more.




Waldorf Math

Free pdf for grades 1 and 2

Free pdf grade 3


CW Aesop can be extended to a lot of stories, as well as the supplied models.


The grammar games in Understanding Writing are fantastic and I'm finding CW and UW to overlap and fill in for each other nicely.

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Some grammar books are like that - both KISS grammar and Harvey's Elementary grammar can be downloaded for free; the parent can go through the program, learn the concepts and teach them on a whiteboard (or sheets of loose paper).


Latin from old books can be taught like that too.


Oh wait! I taught reading using Blend Phonics the same way.

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