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A Man for All Seasons vs. Becket--which movie would you choose...

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They are both great films, so I'd try both (and assign a comparison between the two main characters)


If only one is doable, I'd choose A Man for All Seasons. I found it easier to follow; it illustrates a larger part of Thomas Moore's life whereas Becket just shows a small slice of the whole Becket story, if I recall correctly (it's been a while since I saw both)

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for history studies with a 15yo girl & why? Also any other favorite films for the years AD 1000-1500 are welcome. We'll be watching A Lion in Winter (Hepburn version) this coming week.




I sort of liked Becket when we watched it last year. But I also thought that it portrayed King Henry as more feeble and cowardly than history indicates. Though that might be a good discussion topic: did the movie portray Henry as more vile in order to heighten the martyrdom of Becket. Was it necessary?


Kenneth Branaugh's Henry V?

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