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using Sonlight but adding in winterpromise


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I have thought of this before. I would skip all the reading adventure books in WP CAW. I think SL's would be better. I love the look of WP's notebooking and geography materials for Children Around the World, and I would consider the cookbooks and activity books too.



Core E is the second half of US history. However, I have also been looking at WP CAW combined with some of SL Eastern Hemisphere. I own SL Eastern Hemisphere and Christian Cottage Unit Studies Eastern Hemisphere, but I'm thinking I want to do world cultures and geography.



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Has anyone ever done SL core E and added in WP? If so which books did you use?

I ended up deciding to do a one year US history, so I pulled it together myself picking and choosing from SL, WP, and books off of my shelf.


If you wanted to use SL E as your spine and add in WP hands-on materials, look at the WP offering and grab what looks interesting.


If you wanted to use SL E as your spine and add in WP reading, I would suggest getting your hands on the SL E IG and the Landmark spine and look at the topics covered there and also the topics of the readers and read-alouds. Then, look at WP and see if they have books that delve into topics that are touched upon in Landmark but not covered in the SL readers and read-alouds.


Just some thoughts-


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