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Another question re: school district transfer in PA

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So, I sent a registered letter to the superintendent of our old school district. And just recently I received a letter (cc: to me) from the old superintendent to the new one which states the details of our 'transfer'.


So, should I also send this letter to the new superintendent? Or, do I just trust that since this letter was sent to me that it was also sent to him?

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I think it makes a certain amount of sense for you to send it to the new super, just so you know you did your part, and so the new super has something from you to kind of verify that you are on board with what the old super said.




Odds are he did it, but in the end YOU are the one who is responsible for making sure that all your paperwork is legitimately filed, and if that didn't happen, YOU are the one who is going to have to deal with the resulting hassle, not your old super. I'd do it just to be on the safe side.


Where in PA are you?

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