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a timer you can set to go off at specified intervals, without being reset, until you turn it off? I would love something like that for dd, who has a hard time staying on task. If I could set it to just beep once every 15 seconds, or 5 minutes or whatever is appropriate to the situation (and her current level of "oooh something shiny just occurred to me") I think it might help reclaim her mind from its wanderings in the vast beyond just long enough to take one more bite, or write one more number, or....something. I've tried a regular timer, but resetting it is too much of a distraction whether she does it or I do it for her.




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I'm not sure I want to hand this particular child an expensive electronic gadget. I'm actually debating whether we'd be able to keep her from losing it or breaking it long enough to justify the $20 bucks for the one Kim linked to. But today I'm kind of thinking it just might be worth it even if I have to buy two or three so I can find one when I need it. She's back in public school this year, so all I had to do with her this morning was get her dressed, fed, and out the door with her backpack. But at breakfast I had to remind her she was supposed to be eating about every ten seconds (literally), and then I had to tell her to put her socks on about fifty times, even though she was holding them IN HER HAND. It then took her ten minutes to put her shoes on, with me reminding her every 30 seconds or so that shoes were the current project. I tell you, until her ADHD meds kick in she can be unbelievably scattery. I like that the $20 interval timer has a vibrate mode. She could keep it in her pocket at school and set it to buzz at her every five minutes or whatevever when she was supposed to be working, just to give her a little attention check. She gets so frustrated when she doesn't finish her work, but even with the meds she has a hard time staying focused. She has a whole other world living inside her head, and sometimes there's just way too much going on in there for her to slow down and look at what's happening in ours.

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