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Planning an immersion week - ideas?


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Okay, I admit it - despite having a language rich environment, we are not doing well on spoken German. In the past, I've put some effort into correcting this, but it's just been so busy that I've not made the effort.


Next week will be different:) The plan is for everyone to speak only German all week.


I've got a lot of ideas, and wanted some feedback, but especially would like other possible activities or suggestions! It's a little more challenging because I've got a range from elementary to high school ages, and also quite different levels of German in there. But here's what I've got planned out so far:


Daily weather reports - each will report on a different location in the world


Science experiments - each will demonstrate and explain 3 simple science experiments throughout the week (I have a German book that is very simply laid out to help with this)


We'll be watching a German film every night (when we're too tired to "produce" any more German).


We'll be practicing/drilling specific areas of language/topics, like giving directions, and I'm still looking for topic ideas here.


Daily news - my older two will watch the news each day. Oldest will be noting comparisons between selection of stories, and coverage, between US and Germany.


I'd like to put together a newspaper for the week: Have them interview and report about each other, but also have them select German people to read about and be interviewed as those people (but I haven't found a good place with simple bios in German for them). Other items would be film reviews, a summary of a news article (for my oldest), and I'd love to have them all answer in an advice column - but I can't think of questions to put forward for it! So the newspaper may not work, since I am not sure I can fill in these details.


Have one meal each day with a server and menu, and take orders (different kid serving each day). Somehow I'd also like to make some German things, but lately I'm lucky to have anything homemade on the table at all, so I'll have to see how that goes.


We will also do a common readaloud and work on narrating (readaloud will be easy, narration will be painfully hard I think). We'll do our Bible reading in German together.


I'd like to have some more fun things, but just can't think of anything else right now! I don't mind a little written work, but the big issue right now is gaining confidence in speaking.


I've put in italics the things I'm really stuck on, but I'd love any ideas of things you've done to improve spoken ability!

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I think this is a great idea!


What about playing short games?


About other conversations...it's getting later here...but briefly...what about recounting what they have done for the day? tell about pets...outside classes...friends - descriptions....


For the newspaper - any sports events? local events?


My brain is getting slow, but I'll post again if it comes up with something in the middle of the night (and I remember it).



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For your newspaper advice column.... you could have the answer questions about cultural differences. Your question could be framed as "I am from the US and I'm planning a trip to ____." You could address things, such as the polite way to address people, differences in cuisine, grocery shopping, ticket buying, etc.

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