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Sun blister on baby....awful mommy award

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This past week my family went to Disney and Legoland. It was cold, sunny weather. I had baby (3 months) covered from head to toe to block out the sun and wind but totally forgot about her chubby lil' cheeks. They got sunburned and I feel horrible. One looks fine now....it's not red anymore at all. But the other has formed a small blister and it opened up last night. There is also a bit of yellow streaks on her cheek around it. It doesn't look terrible and doesn't seem to bother her, but I've never allowed my kids to get a sunburn before....especially one with a blister! I'm very proactive about sun protection. Do I need to do anything? Especially with her being so little? Should she see the doctor?

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I would keep a close eye on it and take her to a dr if the streaks around it spread, or if it starts to get really red again. Otherwise I think just letting it dry out and heal on it's own is the best bet. Once the blister has healed over a bit I would start putting a small amount of lotion on the cheek for the dryness from teh sunburn but not while the blister is still open and wet.

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