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How to move from traditional school year to Jan-Dec?

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When we transitioned from one to the other my oldest was 10. We did our transition overlapping our international move, and did a unit on our state history as well as a mini unit on the country/continent we had moved to. So, for us, we had schooled Aug to June in the past; for that year, for Aug to Dec we did state history and S. American info. Then in January we started the next "school year" and just went from there.


During the transition period I did just enough math to keep him current on math facts, make sure he didn't forget, etc. and plenty of reading but very little writing, grammar, etc. Now, keep in mind, we were in transition literally at the time, too, living out of boxes, moving, living in a hotel, etc. for part of that time. But a mini unit study to fill the gap while you transition is a good way to go, just doing as much of the essentials as you feel you need to.


Right now we are transitioning back to a Sep to May school year, because we are approaching high school and want to be on track for when the time comes for sending college applications. I just basically slowed our pace (which we needed for Algebra anyway) and made 8th grade into a 3-semester year (okay, trimester, but each one the length of a standard semester) that has run from Feb 2011 and will end in June-ish 2012, depending again on when we actually make it through Algebra.


We've always been kind of fluid with when our school year starts and ends, though, so even with slowing down we are right now exactly where my oldest needs to be; in other words, with all the delays, he's still entering 9th grade at the age he'd have entered had he been in public school. Earlier accelleration (sp????) paved the way for that.


and if I'm dancing all around your question without actually answering it, I'm happy to PM if you like, LOL!

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