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Are there not reward stickers at Rainbow Resource??

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I'm looking for the stickers that say things like "Way to Go!" "Great Job!" "Fabulous Work!"....that kind of thing. I can't seem to find any at Rainbow (and I thought they were big on stickers). So, I thought maybe "reward" was the wrong word to use when I do a search. I tried "incentive", "encouragement", "praise". I'm basically finding nothing worthwhile. :sad:

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I put "sticker" in the search box, and incentives was one of the left column choices. They don't seem to ahve message ones, but there were smilies and such.


Thanks...but no. Dd wants the kind that say "Super Job" "You Did It" "Wow"...that kind of thing. I'm just surprised that Rainbow doesn't have that. I just checked CBD. They have a bunch.

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