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Denied for accomidations by the school board...

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Despite the developmentalist, neuro-psych, OT, and SLP (plus mom & dad) all recommending minor accomidations to help him cope in a school setting, the local schoolboard gave us a total denial. He has severe SID, an anxiety disorder, and OCD. The sensory issues of a school room alone (never mind the anxiety and OCD) aare more than he can possibly cope with. But since he, academically, functions at well above expexted age range, he cannot have any help.

If I put him in a regular VPK or K, and he can't function, the woman said that as long as he is academically at or above grade level, his sensory and anxiety symptoms will be treated as behavorial, with no accomidations or help provided for the SID or OCD.


I will obviously be keeping him at home rather than deal with that... I'd planned to homeschool anyway. I went through with the schoolboard evaluation because the developmentalist wanted a "back up plan" in place in case homeschooling falls through for whatever reason.


But honestly... SID and anxiety symptoms as "behavorial"? Gah.

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That is so frustrating! I know from experience at our ps that there is a difference between a "medical diagnosis" and an "educatonal diagnosis." As long as a student is functioning on grade level (or is not far enough behind to qualify for support), they don't provide special ed. supports.


Rather than an IEP, would the school consider a 504 plan for the necessary accomodations?

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