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Hands-on activities and projects


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What kind of hands-on do you want? WP also has hands-on btw. My dd was one of those frustrating souls who, when you said to make a paper canoe, wanted to go out and cut down a tree to make a REAL one. That was a little hard to work with, lol. Sometimes it's easier to start off with a simple framework and just fill in with project books. For us VP has been that framework.


BTW, if you really need LOTS of hands-on, the unit studies from CCUS are terrific or Konos. I wish, in retrospect, I had tried CCUS much earlier. I think it might have actually worked for her. But VP has been great as a spine. Their online, self-paced classes are terrific. Then you just add in with activity books. There are several "Spend the Day" books that we enjoyed. Enrichment4U has AWESOME hands-on projects that you buy by the project. They are also sold as books at socialstudies.com or used to be.

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Thanks Elizabeth


I really love the look of Christian Cottage and Konos,, but I will be homeschooling overseas, and I'm not sure what resources will be available. For that reason I am looking for something that is fairly complete in itself.


My daughter is a hands on type of kid who also loves to read. But reading as the only means of learning new material just wouldn't work for her.

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Definitely check out the VP self-paced history then. It has been awesome for us. It has lots of games, frequent checks (to make sure they aren't drifting during the lessons), stories and characters. Then it suggests your lit add-ins. For us that structure with VP means we know exactly what topics are being covered, so we can add in lit and hands-on. The VP catalog correlates the literature with notations for which weekly card the books correspond to.



What is the age on your dd btw? I like TOG, but I don't know how practical it would be in an overseas situation.


Have you looked at Time Travelers? It has lots of hands-on. They aren't the kind that appeal to my dd (too papery, lots of coloring and writing), but for some kids it would work.


Well anyways, VP is how we've done it over the years. I think SL might be going back and trying to add hands-on to some of their cores because of the competition from WP. WP is fine, but a lot of it is paper crafts. MOH is actually really terrific btw, if your dc is the right age for it. What I would do is let her sculpt something from the lesson with Sculpey while she listened.

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