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Dr. Hive.... whats wrong with me??

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this is the worst cold i have ever had next to pnemonia! help!


it all started last thursday, i had a headache and some sinus issues. by friday i had full on laryngitis. by monday i had a sinus infection and my throat was very sore, so i called the doc who called me in amoxicillin 500mg. i took that until yesterday when i realized this was getting worse. i have a sinus infection, still laryngitis and what appears to be strep throat. i have horrible headaches and am very run down. so i called the doc again who switched me to augmentin 850mg. ive now had 3 doses of the augmentin and i still dont feel any better??? i can barely swallow, i drink constantly to keep my throat wet and only eat soft stuff and only enough to hold meds down. and everything is going right through me!


any ideas?? anything?? this is crazy for me lol!!

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Why would a doctor prescribe antibiotics for those symptoms? So irresponsible. :glare:


Strep throat is not something you diagnose on the basis of symptoms, because viruses can cause the same symptoms. To diagnose strep you do a strep test and/or culture. And now you know it's extremely unlikely it was strep, because it didn't respond to antibiotics.


And as for why everything is going right through you? That's most likely antibiotic-associated diarrhea. If the amoxicillin didn't kill your normal gut flora, the augmentin did. Your intestines will probably be out of sorts for a while. This is one of the myriad reasons it is a really bad idea to take antibiotics unless you truly need them.


I strongly doubt it is bacterial at all. Probably just a nasty virus.


In your shoes I'd tag-team ibuprofen and tylenol around the clock to help with the discomfort and inflammation. I'd push liquids, get rest, and only call doc if I worsened dramatically or developed a high fever that couldn't be controlled with the tylenol/ibuprofen. A probiotic might help your GI tract. I like Culturelle because it has been effective for my family, and because it is available at most regular drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, etc.)


I hope you feel better soon!

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