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Jump math -what level?


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If you had a student that just started book 2 of Horizons 3 and has not grasped mutliplication well nor started long division, decimals, percents and only basic fractions (not adding them etc) what level would you begin in? The students in question are 12 and 13, 1 struggles with basic addition and subtraction. 1 "gets it" when explained but is slow to get through topics. Would you start with the grade 4 book? or at grade 6/7 levels as though are their actual grades this year? I am hoping this program can help remediate and catch them up.

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Are you talking about the Jump at Home math books or the Jump Math sold strictly from Ontario. The Jump Math have 2 books each year. They go like this 3.1 and 3.2.

With the ages of your children, I would buy the Jump at Home math books sold by Timberdoodle and remediate. I would use them for tutoring purposes and to bring up their math skills. I would start with 5th and 6th grade of the jump at home math and just work through them. We will get through 1 full grade level and 1/2 of the next this year with the jump at home math books. You can use the free teacher's resources on Jump Math's site and the answer keys are on there as well. I would use this year as a remediation year.

I am doing this with my children who have struggled in math ever since pulling from public school. Right now my 6th grader is working through Jump at Home math 5 and my 5th grader is working through Jump at Home math 4.

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