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Creative ideas for using the Tiner books?

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I'm going to add John H. Tiner's Exploring the World of Physics book into our studies this year for dd10.


Last year she did Exploring the History of Medicine and thoroughly enjoyed it. She wrote page and a half to two page narrations for each chapter as well as doing the chapter questions at the end.


She's looking forward to the physics book but it's a bit more difficult material than the one she did last year and she's having a harder time with writing a narration for the entire chapter without getting bogged down. We're working through WWS and this is helping tremendously.... but I'm looking for some other ideas for this book.


Has anybody had their dc outline these books? What does that look like when the paragraphs are so short?


Maybe I'll just have her do the WTM idea of writing down 5-6 facts from each chapter and do a narration for the ones she feels she has a good grasp of?? If anybody has some ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Also, any ideas how I can use these as a jumping off point to more hands-on things would be appreciated too, but the more open and go the better. :willy_nilly:

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