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MM - does it telescope well?

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Are there chapter tests so you can test out of a section? Would it be easy to telescope down so you are just hitting the content you need and skipping the stuff your DC has already mastered? I'm talking about the grade level books, I've already seen the topic books, thanks :001_smile:


That's what we're doing. My DS has covered much of MM5 so we'll be covering only the topics he needs work on. There are also review tests, if you want to be sure you're not moving too fast.

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Absolutely! We skipped several chapters when I used it to accelerate. For example, we only did one section of one chapter in 2B. DS tested out of the rest of that text.


There are chapter tests, but also, it's easy to skim through and just see what topics are being hit. Each section discusses one main topic at a time, though word problems will have review of past topics. There are also cumulative reviews (in the folder with the tests).

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