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cello care question

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My 6yo plays the cello, which we rent from Johnson Strings. He is currently using a 1/4 size cello, which he just moved up to about a month ago. Yesterday he set the cello down after practice -- just set it down, didn't drop it or anything -- and there was a tremendous BANG! The entire bottom part of the cello just cracked open, split right along the seam.


I called Johnson and they are shipping out a replacement cello (thank goodness for insurance, although those shipping fees are murder) but does anyone know why this might have happened? Our house is extremely dry, and I'm wondering if that might be a problem for the cello. We do have humidifiers on at night in the upstairs bedrooms -- would it perhaps be better to keep the cello in there, even though the humidity fluctuates more in those rooms?

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Thanks, Margaret! I was hoping you'd respond :001_smile: You wouldn't think we'd have this issue in TN -- the cello teachers here always warn about leaving a cello in a hot car but have never mentioned humidity. However, I think the forced air heating in our house is really drying -- at least, we all have very dry skin and lips since the heat went on.


Now that I think about it, we HAVE been storing the cello on an outside wall, and i had no idea that there were humidifiers one could put in a case. We will move the (new) cello upstairs and I'll check out those portable humidifiers. For the winter at least; the cello should be happy as a clam here in the soupy summertime.


I am so glad that we are having this learning curve on a rental. Your poor SIL!

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