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xpost re: MCP products -- info inside

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I contacted Rainbow to ask about the MCP issue. The following is their response to me.



Thanks for contacting me with your question. MCP has chosen to eliminate

discounts to resellers like Rainbow. This is why many companies are choosing

to discontinue their products. We know that our customers prefer to do all

their shopping in one place so we are choosing to continue carrying our most

popular MCP products but we will be forced to raise the prices. Those higher

prices will be in effect probably after this weekend (we don't have a specific

date yet).


I'd love to hear from you again if there's something more I can do to help.

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I've ordered directly from Pearson for the past 7 years. RR took so long to carry the new SWO books and they still don't carry the new MCP math books. (The new version came out in 2005.)

The prices from Pearson were equal or less than RR prices.


Plus they carry a huge number of other publishers. My only beef is that they can never get their ordering system to reocognize that two counties in my are share a zip code. So now I ave my own ordering number to get the mailing address correct.

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