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Favorite online math programs?

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Ok, so, we're in our 2nd year of math at The Potter's School. Last year dd wasn't able to take the extra problem solving (practice & Q&A) session, but this year both older kids are enrolled in the math class and the problem solving class.


Pros: dd really likes her teacher, reviews of "Chicago Math" say it's a very strong program, TPS math classes continue up through calculus. Also, it's easier to take all online classes at the same place because the class times line up. (Ie: one online company's classes run from 8:45 - 10:15 and another's run from 10:00 - 11:00, so a student can't take both.)


Cons: only one session of math instruction per week (90 minutes) -- difficult for our kids to be able to do each day's math without a parent going over each individual lesson again. Once a week isn't enough for them, even if they attend the optional additional session for Q&A.



So...I'm open to other sources of math instruction, online or otherwise. What works for your family?


I just looked at liveonlinemath, as recommended in the online classes thread. I noticed he only goes through Algebra II. What would we do after that? It could be difficult to transition back to TPS after leaving the Chicago Math they use (placement test required). (??)

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We've used Thinkwell & Art of Problem Solving.


Thinkwell does not include any teacher interaction. It is pretty much just a computer/video based course. You have to be able to step in and help as needed. That said, it is at your own pace & schedule, there are tests, and it is solid.


Art of Problem Solving is AWESOME.




It is tough. It covers all core content and a lot more. The classes meet just once a week, but the online Alcumus component is so "smart" and interactive, that it adds a great deal of instruction. There are also video lessons associated with each week's assignments (at least in PreAlgebra and Counting & Probability -- which are the only courses we've used so far). The student can access unlimited assistance if they are willing to send email queries and/or use the designated class bulletin boards.




There are no grades (although I saw something somewhere on WTM boards that implied you could request one.)

Student must be motivated and independent.


Bottom line:


This was our first term with AoPS (two students, two levels) and I am a convert. It's awesome stuff.

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My middle son is currently using Thinkwell for Calculus and I'm satisfied with it. As stated before, there is no instructor interaction, but he also hasn't needed to ask me any questions to date. He had looked at Chalkdust since his older brother used that, but then requested something else. He loves Thinkwell.


It sure beats our ps class.

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I thought I'd add that I've heard that The Potter's School may have an option as early as this fall for math classes that meet for class twice a week! If so, I'll definitely be interested -- my kids love TPS & I've been impressed with their program (as I've spent extra time teaching lessons in smaller chunks this year).

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