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Comprehension question

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Do some people just lack common sense, comprehension, critical thinking, or however you'd call it? If so, do you think that this could be improved?


My daughter (just 10), has always done poorly on reading comprehension. She will totally bomb non-fiction reading comp, but does a bit better on fiction. She also cannot figure out what is going on in movies..plot, etc. Things my 12 and 8 year old can clearly grasp, the 10 year old just doesn't. Now she will sit through a movie and does understand the main story (somewhat) but she seems to get lost in the why's.


This is my impatient, left handed daughter who can easily fly through math problems...as long as they aren't word problems.


Any ideas on how to improve this, or if this is just the way some people are? I'm asking on here because I'd hoped some of you have had experience with this.


Thank you.



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My 12 yo dd is like that. She is a very literal child and does not pick up on nuances at all. We do a lot of talking about whatever she is reading. I try to help her pick up on things. If I waited until the end of a book to talk about it, she would be lost.

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