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When and How much to buy?


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Here is a dilemma that keeps coming up, and I cannot seem to come up with the right balance.


My question is how much do I get of a particular program, and when?


Oftentimes there will be money to save by purchasing a set of things at once, compared to buying each as it is needed. But then what if it turns out not to be the right thing? Or, what if it seems to be right at first, but then things change.


Seems like if I choose to get a program by the each (packet, book, etc.) then I need the whole lot and could have done better buying it all from the start. But if I go for the whole shebang at the outset, then it doesn't work out.


Well, not always. I got the whole Magic Treehouse set and that worked out well, but other things, like Writing Strands, where I went for a package to start turned out to be not right for us. We are once again coming to the stage of needing new materials and I once again face this dilemma, particularly with history and writing materials at this time.


Is this another Murphy's law? Or is there some way to better predict or plan? Or what? Any words of experience?

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I get caught out with this quite often. I'm in Australia and buy a lot of my curriculum from the US so I'm often stuck there at the checkout page comparing how much postage is for the one item vs buying the next in the series for the same postage cost. Sometimes it has worked out in my favour but there have been a few times where I've ended up with 2 (or more) items that just don't fit us. I now buy as much digital download stuff as I can, I save on postage but have no resale value. I seem to be in a lose:lose situation :tongue_smilie:

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