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Your (or your kids') favorite math fact drills here


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I'm planning on putting a pause on our "formal" math program for a few months and focus just on learning the math facts. What are some of the ways that your kids learned the facts? Drills, games, worksheets, any ideas are most appreciated!:D:D



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These FREE Skip Counting Drill Sheets are great practice for pre-multiplication - these ones are free and I just keep a copy on my hard drive and print off whatever format we need. Sometimes, she writes out the multiples of a number, sometimes we do it by circling numbers on a hundreds chart. This resource has been fantastic!


ETA: We are also enjoying the back-to-basics, old-fashioned feel of The Verbal Math Lesson.

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I used half-size index cards to make flash cards. Set them in an array (problem side up, on the floor). Gave DS8 a penny. DS10 also got to play.


DS8 flipped penny, has to answer any question penny landed on (or near, or bounced off if last...). Flips card to check answer. Correct answer goes in his keeper pike. Incorrect answers to brother's pile. Brother's answers (generally all correct) go to his own pile with DS8's wrong answers.


Once all cards gone, spread out DS10's pile and try again.


After round 3or 4, brother dropped out.


By the end, no more mistakes, and he's had his facts memorized since.


Sorry for terse non-sentences. Running high fever. Should be sleeping.

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