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Spielvogel Human Odyssey in one Year for a 9th grader?

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I was directed to a great schedule for Spielvogel World History. It is a one year schedule. If you've done this with a 9th grader, was it too much in one year or did you do it over 2 years?



Our edition is over 1100 pages, covering pre-history through the year 1999. While I really like the numerous illustrations/photos, side-bar short tidbit articles, and excerpts from authors of the times, I still think it is WAY too much information to absorb in one year. We used it over 3 years of high school, and this also allowed us to use numerous other resources (non-fiction with different point of view; books on specific topics of special interest; historical fiction; and films set in the time). We broke it down this way:


Ancients = first 200 pages (approx. 5.5 pages per week)

Middle Ages through Enlightenment = next 450 pages (approx. 12.5 pages per week)

Modern (1800-present) = last 450 pages (approx. 12.5 pages per week)


We are a very average family (not rigorous, not academically-driven students), and found 450 pages to be *plenty* to read and really absorb in a single year (along with the other previously mentioned resources). Other families with deeper interest in History, and with more studious students would knock off the entire textbook in one year (approx. 21.5 pages per week, or 4-5 pages per day).


Hope that is of help! BEST of luck, whatever you decide. Warmest regards, Lori D.

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I agree that it's a lot to do in one year. It's is possible, though, and the success of it may depend on your dc's interest. It also comes down to your priorities in history weighed against everything else.


One year I had dd mostly read for history, so we covered a lot. The writing I left for other subjects, especially literature. She seemed to enjoy history best that way and actually retained it.

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