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examples of skills learned

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Ok, I'm not sure how to word this, so I hope someone can understand what I'm looking for. :)


When listing (in the future) what skills, etc, that we worked on (when I have to report) I need help with deciding what counts. For example, cooking dinner would be Home Economics. Recounting of a story would be Comprehension. Played with friends would be Socialization, Sharing, and Communication with Peers. I took these examples from another site. :)


I don't know what counts as what, what even counts, what "Home Ec" and "Comprehension," etc, are considered...... called...... do you know what I mean?


I understand "Math," "English," "Science"....... those are "Subjects" and I know them because of going to PS. But all of this other stuff that I see people reporting just confuses me. :(


Can anyone give me some guidance? Is there a list of these skills with examples of each so I can understand them better? :confused:

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Where do you live? How old are your kids? What have you been reading? I haven't ever reported life skills that any child learns as something that we did for school.


I don't have to report for a few years yet so right now I'm just trying to figure out "what counts" in their daily lives. Maybe I don't need to list life skills. :confused: I guess I'll just stick with "math, English, science...." :D

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